Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Road Trip 2012

Our road trip begins in about 16 hours....
First stop will be Salt Flats Racing in CO to see some shops and some first class fabrication.  Hope to film some for an upcoming Vintage Torque DVD segment.
On the way to LA we are gonna try to check out the Natural Bridges park in UT. And perhaps stop by and see some Bare Bones CC members in Las Vegas.
Then on to LA and make some buisness meetings happen.
Hopefully get a chance to hit Disney and check out the new Cars section that was added that includes artwork from Keith Weesner and Max Grundy!
After that - it will be another 90 minutes south and hit the giant geek fest - San Diego Comic Con.
I will be right at home.
This will be a road trip consisting of my eldest daughter and I.
We are going to have a blast.
Seeya on the road!

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