Friday, July 6, 2012

MAD MEN FINK - Auction NOW on Facebook - Bid here

This week we are auctioning off another Rat Fink that was unable to make it on to the main stage at the show.
We thank Milo from Modesto for doing this way cool Mad Men Rat Fink for the Hannah Wells Medical Trust.
Anyone that does not realize the story behind the show....
check out the site:

Please bid here or on the John Wells Facebook page. Simply put an amount in the comments section of the picture.

While the gate proceeds for our events goes to help families with children that have congenital heart problems, Hannah Wells Medical Trust benefits directly from the sale of the art at the show.
So we thank everyone for supporting the event and specifically helping us out with all the medical bills.
For those that dont realize...last year we had to spend $18K on medical bills.....and this was a healthy year.  So we truly appreciate everyone helping out - from the artists that come up with these masterpieces to those that spend $$$ on some killer one of a kind art.
Thank You.

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