Saturday, April 21, 2012

VON DUTCH - History comes to Torque Fest - thanks to Antique Archaeology

History is revered here at Vintage Torque Fest. Trying to capture a bit of the magic from back in the day is exactly what we are trying to do..........
It is also what Antique Archaeology does on a daily basis.
Mike Wolfe has been kind enough to bring the Von Dutch XAVW to Vintage Torque Fest.
We do not know if he will be there this year....his shooting schedule is often very hectic. We appreciate the fact that he will display this bike for the first time at a show in over 40 years!!!!
Come by and check it out - an ORIGINAL piece of auto/motorcycle history - the Von Dutch XAVW
and remember - Le Claire IA is only about 40 miles from Maquoketa so you can go check out the shop!

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