Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heroes at Vintage Torque Fest

We hope to get a special speaker to come to Vintage Torque Fest this year.....
this is a lady that is a total hero in the Wells household.
Dr. Vickie Pyevich will say a few words before the art auction. She is a member of the foundation and she will be one of the people that will help guide the $$$ that will be given to familes in need of financial assistance.
I hope everyone will welcome her and give her a heroes welcome........because she was one of the main people that saved our Hannah.
We are forever grateful to her and the rest of the staff from University of Iowa.
In addition - Char McGovern needs to be acknowledged as key to spotting the initial problems with our baby.
And of course the entire team at Childrens Hospital in Boston.
The gate proceeds from the show go to the foundation. Of course we have to pay for the show before we can start to distribute funds....
but we hope to be able to do this soon.
We will keep everyone updated here and on the site:

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