Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FREE SHWAG at Drag Fest - Cordova Aug 6

OK - this just announced........As you enter the Cordova Dragway - you will be asked if you are here to support the Bombers/Vintage Torque Drag Fest ....or - are you here for Heartland Drag Racing Assn. IF you say you are here for the Bombers Drag Fest - you will get a Vintage Torque sticker AND.....AND.....a raffle ticket.
KEEP this ticket.

We will be announcing every hour a winner for some FABULOUS prizes.


maybe some are cooler than others - but hey - it's free shwag right?
you dont have to be present at the drawing to get the prize either.

We are gonna have a list of winning numbers that gets updated every hour from 3pm to 9pm
If you have not collected your prize by 8:59 pm - then the 9pm winner gets any other leftover prizes.

3PM - Run Whatcha Brung Event Shirt (we will try our best to get you a size that fits)

4PM - Keith Weesner "Powerslide" Litho - Limited Edition of 500 - you will win #5!

5PM - Choppertown The Sinners Original Documentary on DVD (donated by One World Studios)

6PM - Hunnert Car Pile Up 2009, 2010 Event DVDs

7PM - Vintage Torque DVD Pack - Volume 4, 5, 6

8PM - Original 2 foot by 3 foot Promo Poster from Torque Fest (everyone tried to steal these at the show but we kept a good eye on these) There are only 4 of these made and features the amazing art of Keven Carter.

9PM - $50 of DVDs from Cool Stuff/Vintage Torque Booth(there are other prizes that are in the works (can you say Bombs Away Bash??!!) that we will post in a couple of days!)

Hope you all come out and stick around and purchase some stuff from us so we can pay the bands!!!Most of all - let's have a good time!

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