Saturday, July 16, 2011

alas....SDCC I will miss you yet another year and my inner geek whimpers

so...another year that I am gonna miss my favorite show of the year........
San Diego Comicon

if you have never been - it is geek central, and trust me - there is so much there that it doesnt matter if you are into quilting, cars, or WWII weapons........there is something there for everyone.

I readily admit I am a total nerd and for those that dont know, I have spent much time in Japan importing and exporting toys.

So when I recently saw this - I was blown away - these are 4 commercials for some internet/battery/wireless type company in Japan that use one of the first Giant Robots......Tetsujin 28 aka T-28 - known in USA as Gigantor. Black Ox is the villain robot. And be sure to check ou the Jet Li (Once Upon a Time In China) homage at the very end as well.....

Yeah - I know - I am a geek - but we all are on some level - mine is just a higher degree of geekdom.

July 20 is the start date............

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