Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Giant Torque Fest Banner AUCTION - BID and WIN!

The banner that was behind the stage for the pin up contest and the car club picks is going to be auctioned off.....Please check the Vintage Torque Fest Facebook and the John Wells Facebook page for updates.
All proceeds are to help out Leslie Karnahan.
Some may not know the importance that Punk Rod Todd had on my life.....
quite simply - there would not have been a Vintage Torque Fest if not for the gift from Los Punk Rods.
And nothing....I mean nothing, happened in that car club without the approval of Punk Rod Todd.
His battle with cancer has come to an end.  I pray that Leslie - his widow - can pick up the pieces.
They did not have insurance and this is a way that we can help out.
Thanks for all you have given us Todd - may your ride be smooth from here on out.....
I hope to seeya on the other side.

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