Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CAR CLUB ROLL CALL - Thanks for making Vintage Torque Fest amazing!

One of the really cool ideas that the Coronados CC came up with at the show was the MASH pole.
Not sure if anyone remembers the old TV show called MASH...but they had a pole in the middle of the camp.
On that pole were arrows with names of towns and how far away from home they were.
This is exacly what the Coronados CC had at thier table in Building 1 at Torque Fest.
Last year we had quite a bit of response - this year was even better!
Here are the car clubs that were at the show - if yours is not represented - please let us know!!!

Poor Boys Detroit 450 miles
The Delinquents - Twin Cities, MN 298 miles
Bitchin' Beaters CC - Frankfort, IL  150 miles
Outsiders - Cedar Rapids  60 miles
Nostalgic Car Club Milwuakee 180 miles
Early Tin Dusters - Quincy, IL
Chrome Fat Chicks - Eyota, MN 225 miles
Summer Knights - Addison, IL  164 miles
Brewtown Cruisers - Milwaukee  180 miles
The No Club - Milwaukee
Just Us Street Rods - Muskego, WI 197 miles
Mighty Mississippi Mopars - Dubuque, IA 35 miles
Southside Saints - Rockford, IL  90 Miles
Coronados CC - Maquoketa, IA
Midwest Street Rods of Illinois - 167 miles
Hoodlums - Waterford, WI  150 miles
Voodoo Villains - Sioux Falls, SD  413 miles
Hog Ridin' Fools - Chicago
Rat Bastards - Appleton, WI  233 miles
Half Fast Chicago  185 miles
Boulevard Bombers - Long Island NY 1011 miles
Voodoo Kings - Streator, IL
Kropdusters- Cedar Rapids, IA
Oliver Built Group - Des Moines, IA
Hot Rod Hill CC - Otho IA  200 miles
Asphalt Fiends - Bettendorf, IA
Blacktop Barons - Joliet IL 170 miles
Lucky Stiffs - Bolingbrook, IL  160 miles
Martucky Motor Club - Marseilles IL  150 miles
Salvage Saints - Chicago 180 miles
Broken Spoke CC - Asheville, NC  1060 miles
Flashback CC - Farley IA 45 miles
Monticello Mafia - Monticello IA
Corn Creepers- Des Moines, IA
Smokey Hollow Twisted Pistons - Lodi, WI  135 miles
Slackers - Chicago, IL
Norfolk Area Rod & Customs - Norfolk, NE  425 miles
Bombers CC - Peoria, IL 125 miles
Tri County Cruisers - Cascade, IA 35 miles
Metal Melters CC - Plainfield, IL
Choppers CC - Burbank, CA
A Town D Bags - Aurora, IL
Aces CC - Milwaukee
Rollin' Coasters - 100 miles
Wicked Kreations - Waukeek, IA 45 miles
Slo-Pokes - Dubuque, IA 39 miles
Romin' Chariots - Blue Island, IL 250 miles
Misfit CC - Des Moines, IA  180 miles
Hustlers CC - Milwaukee
Tin Militia - Lake Villa, IL
THEM! - Wisconsin
Chrome Czars - Chicago
Bare Bones - Chicago
Los Punk Rods - Kansas City
Cheaters - Milwukee

A special thanks to the couple from London England that planned their USA vacation around Torque Fest! We are humbled and hope you had a good time.
And we can't forget the long haul award.......
this guy DROVE his car all the way from British Columbia!
That is ABOVE the state of Washington!!!
I gotta tell ya - when he emailed me stating he was heading over - I thought - SUUUURRRRE
But he found me on Thursday during the Coronados Pre Party.
Not only did he drive over - he broke down in the middle of Montana and had to wait overnight in some tiny little town to get a part Fed Ex'd in to keep his trip going.
Most people would have stopped and turned around - not this guy - he just kept on coming....
THAT is the dedication and mindset that comes out to the Vintage Torque Fest - they are gonna make it here no matter what and they are driving their cars and having a good time.
We appreciate that.
Let's keep it going in 2013.

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