Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NEW Asphalt Fiends Coloring Book 2012 - We Need Your Help!!!

We need your help!

We are trying to assemble art for the 2012 Asphalt Fiends coloring book.

Do you know anyone that would be into getting their art distributed nationally?

The art does NOT have to be new - but does need to be a hot rod/motorcycle with a monster.

And we need the art to be vertical - not horizontal.

300 dpi on 9 x 13 is preferred, or something close to those specs.

This is for medical expenses incurred for Hannah Wells heart surgery, MRI's, x-rays, lab tests, shots, etc.

All participating artists will receive coloring books as a thank you.

Last year we had the following artists contribute art:

Todd Jones, Sinclair, Mark Thompson, Scott Fisk, Chad Lampert, Gary Mizar, Grant Cushman, Anthony Ausgang, Zakka, Joey Finz, Big Toe, 3 Sheets, Jim Hively, Mike Learn, Doug Dorr, Tingler, Eric Foust, Arlo Dillman, BOMONSTER, Ryan Curtis, Ben Mitchell, Ick, Jeff Allison, Corrie Erickson, Max Grundy, Jeff Roads, Bwanadevil, Chad Scheres, Bruce Gossett, David Gabory, Nick Hansen, Ger Peters, and Britt Madding. And a very special cover by Zombie!

More details at:

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