Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre Register for Vintage Torque Fest - get the DVD for FREE

did you get your DVD....?
well - if you had pre registered you would have....!
So - GO ahead - pre register.
Vintage Torque Fest is the show that kicks everything off in the midwest - so we know you are gonna be there!
We also know you are gonna want to see some of the highlights of the show a few months AFTER the show is over.
SO - this is the way to guarantee that you will get a DVD in the mail.
And it actually helps us pay for some of the advertising for the show as well.
Other benefits for pre reg -
1- You will save time at the event. Pre registered cars are allowed in 30 minutes early!
2 - Special PRE REG STICKER - exclusive to those that Pre Reg!
3- Pre-registered vehicles will receive FREE DVD of Torque Fest 2012, This will be sent in the mail in summer of 2012. This is why it is important you give a legible current address. DVD will be for sale to public at a later date for $15 + $3 shipping.
4- The first Pre-Registered vehicles are guaranteed a spot on the dirt track - lowest numbers get to get in line first.

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