Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check out the Limpnickie Lot

limpnickie-cover1 For three years now, the Limpnickie Lot, known as the next generation of builders, have been in full force. The LOT is a collective group with 33 members, which are self owned shops through out the US and now Canada. They have just released their third Limpnickie Lot Builders Manual and if you are heading to Daytona before the Torquefest, be sure to stop by the Stone Edge Skatepark in South Daytona and check out their scene. The LOT consist of well known motorcycle and custom car builders, painters, leather crafters, metal work, custom parts and products. You can basically find everything you would possibly need to build your own scoot.
We are stoked that the Limpnickie Lot is sponsoring the Vintage Torquefest and will be introducing you to each member that will be heading our way here, so keep checking back!

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